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Welcome to Kemuri BBQ

Where Texan Smoked Barbecue meets Japanese Cuisine.

Only in Singapore.



Check out some of our diner's favorite dishes.

Our Roots

Kemuri BBQ, a restaurant where the rugged flavors of Texan Barbecue entwine with the refined cuisine of Japan. Our foundation is steeped in these two culinary traditions — from the iconic Smokehouses of Austin, bringing you a rich heritage of smoked barbecue, to the elegance and precision of Japanese cuisine. We bring to you Texas-Japanese fusion, where flavors collide and harmony emerge. 

Step into Kemuri BBQ, and let our food tell you our story. 


Walk-ins are welcome all day. smokehouse grocer
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Sourced from

All our smoked meats come from

Looking to buy some for your own creation? Come check us out.

Looking to dine-in or order?

For detailed information on our dining-in experience, takeout orders, and delivery services, please visit our dedicated page.

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